Friday, August 27, 2010

Coconut Fudge.....

Coconut Fudge .....

1 cup fresh coconut (grated)
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cardamon (elaichi) powder
1 tsp ghee
½ cup water
1) In one Pan Heat the Ghee and then add fresh grated coconut , Saute it for 2 minutes, and then add cardamom powder and again sauté it for a minute on medium flame. ,then keep it aside for few minutes,
2) Now take another pan and add the water and sugar , and bring to boil, Boil this syrup until you get 2 strings consistency
3) Now add the coconut mixture from Pan one to this sugar syrup, stirring continuosly, cook it for another minute till most of the moisture dries up, and then transfer it to greased tray and spread evenly, smoothen the top and cut into diamond shapes when its still hot and leave aside to cool and set.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Milk Cake (KalaKand)

This time on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan i tried Milkcake(Kalakand)....

Full Cream Buffalo Milk- 2 Litres
Sugar – ½ cup
Cardamon powder- ½ tsp
Lemon Juice- 1 Tb spoon
5-Pistachio and 5 almond flakes for garnishing
1) Take a Heavy Bottomed pan and Boil 1 litre of milk over medium heat, stirring occasionally, making sure not to burn milk.
2) As soon as the milk comes to Boil start adding lemon juice gradually and keep stirring, the milk will curdle and start separating from whey, Now once all the milk fat is separated turn of the heat.
3) Now drain the whey using a strainer (chalni) which is lined with muslin cloth, after this you will have all the milk fat in the muslin cloth,discard the whey.
4) Wrap the milk fat in the same muslin cloth,and rinse under cold water,or dip it in a vessel full of cold water and squeeze well to take out excess water. This helps to take out the sourness from the lemon juice which we had added. Do not skip this step as we don’t want sour taste.
5) Now take out the milk fat from muslin cloth and keep it aside, Do not Knead it, let it stay grainy
6) Now we still have one litre of milk which we haven’t used, Boil this milk in heavy bottomed pan over low heat , stirring frequently so that it dosent get burnt until it reduces to half litre, By the end of this stage you will be left with half litre of thick milk.
7) Now Add the milk fat which you had kept aside to this thick milk and keep stirring on low heat till the mixture thickens and all the water has evaporated.
8) Finally add sugar and continue to cook and stirring until the mixture become soft lump and start leaving the pan from sides.
9) Pour it over greased plate keeping about half inch thick and garnish with pistachio and almond flakes, Let it cool for about one hour. Cut the Kalakand (milk Cake ) in squares.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Frankie- Aloo tikki Wrap


4 chapatis/ roti / whole wheat tortillas

2 cups boiled and mashed potatoes

½ cup grated paneer (Optional- I haven`t used here)

3 tsp chaat masala

Red chilli powder- 1 ½ tsp

Salt- As per taste

Amchur Powder- 1 ½ tsp

Finely chopped onions- 4 tbsp

Chutney- Any chutney of choice, I used sonth chutney


1) First take the mashed potatoes in the bowl, add red chilli powder, salt and amchur powder, mix well to form a smooth dough

2) Divide it into 4 equal portions as we have to make four tikkis, take each portion and give a cylindrical shape to it,

3) Heat 2 tsp oil on a non-stick pan, and shallow fry the tikkis on all the sides till slightly brown and then drain on a kitchen towel and keep aside,

4) Take one chapatti and place one tikki on it, spread the sonth chutney over tikki and over this spread some finely chopped onions, sprinkle chaat masala, and roll it like you would do for wraps

5) Again put it over non-stick pan and cook for a minute on both sides until slightly crisp

6)Serve warm with chutneys/ tomato ketchup/chilli sauce etc.

Whole wheat pancakes with rabdi (Malpua with rabdi)....

I made this on the occasion of Teej....this is without any ghee/oil ....!!!The Malpua in this recipe is actually made from Wheatflour... not maida(refined flour)...and instead of sugar i have used jaggery for malpua...
Actually the batter for this malpua is the same that is used for Gulgule recipe i have posted... But still i will write it down again for you :-)


For Malpua(wheatflour pancakes)-
1)Wheat Flour-1 cup
2)Jaggery-1/2 Cup
4) fennel seeds 1/2 tsp

For Rabri-
1) 1 litre milk
2) 1 tsp cardamom powder
3) sugar powder 4 tbsp or as per taste

For Malpua-
1)Well soak jaggery in water, until all jaggery melts in it, u can also use hot water so that jaggery melts fast, when the jaggery has melted then strain the water and then add wheat flour in it,and fennel seed powder and mix it well, there should be no lumps,The consistency should be little thicker then dosa(pancake) batter consistency, !!
Keep this batter for 45 mins atleast ....after that again whisk the batter well,

2) Heat a non-stick pan and make small pancakes out of this batter...make thin pancakes,golden brown, and cook on both sides....

3)I did not use any ghee/oil etc for making pancakes... as it was not required...came out well on nonstick pan! malpuas are ready

For Rabri-
1) Boil the milk in heavy bottom this add cardamom powder and then reduce the milk on medium flame to one quarter.,it will take time ...atleast 30 mins

2)Now to the reduced milk add sugar powder and mix well

3)Leave it to cool and it will set.... when it set it becomes thicker...

4) Rabri is ready

Now to serve Malpua with Rabri, all you need to do is take a plate and on it arrange one hot malpua(pancake), on top of it spread the rabri, (rabri can be either chilled or hot ..whatever way you like it), and on top of rabri garnish with sliced pistachio and almonds...and few strands of saffron...!!! All set to eat!!

With the leftover batter of malpua you can make gulgule and viceversa.....

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aloo methi Paratha......

1) 4-5 boiled and mashed medium sized aloo(Potatoes)
2)salt as per taste
3)red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp
4)amchoor powder 1/2 tbsp
5)turmeric 1 tsp
6)Half bunch of Methi(fenugreek leaves) washed and chopped finely
7)1 and half cups of wheat flour
8)jeera(cumin) powder
9)2 green chillies finely chopped
10) Oil as required

1) Mix all the spices in wheat flour...and also add chopped methi leaves...and knead little tight dough with little water
2)Now take the mashed Potatoes and mix it with spices of your choice(like salt red chilli powder,amchoor powder) can leave it plain also....since already spices are added to dough....But i would suggest to add little spices for potatoes also.... if you like more chatpata paratha
3)Make small Balls out of kneaded dough.... and roll them over in small thick circles
4) Apply oil over the surface and then stuff mashed potatoes..seal the edges together
5) now roll it slowly ....just like the size of rotis
6)Place the paratha on preheated griddle
7) Brush with oil and flip over....on the other side also brush with oil..and cook till golden brown patches appear on both the sides...
8)Cook till it is well done.
9) Hot paratha is can have it with curd and Pickle

** Sometimes the edges seem to crack.... It happens with me you see in the above pic...But No worries... as long as it tastes good.....ALL IS WELL !

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is a Quick One, and our Favourite too :-),
1)Haldiram Bhelpuri(sookhi bhel)
2)Green chutney
3)khatti chutney(amchoor chutney)
4) 2 diced tomatoes
5) 2 diced onions
6) little salt, and red chilli powder
7) 1 tbsp lemon juice
8)little green corriander chopped
9) 2 green chillies chopped finely

Mix all the above ingredients and bhel is ready to munch on when you are hit by hunger pangs.
Well, in Haldiram bhelpuri pck you will also find sachet of three different type of chutney, green chutney, khatti chutney, and spicy chutney,..........You can use that if you want to.............. But since i do not like to use those packed chutneys ...i allways make my own!!!! A must-have, low fat indian snack!!!!!!!!!

Sugarcane Juice

I had this Sugarcane Juice at My Mom`s Place during summer....
This is Freshly Pressed Sugarcane Juice, bought from sugarcane juice wala...
All that needs to be done is.....carry a clean STEEL CAN (or TIN CAN....or any other container) the Sugarcane Juice wala, ASk him to extract fresh sugarcane juice.... and collect the juice directly in your container........(since most of the times their containers are not clean and hygenic)... Also do not use their ice, lemon etc.....Bring the juice home , transfer to glass container, and have it immediately with Lemon, blacksalt, ice, etc
Do not store the juice, as it ferments!!

AND ya ..... if you have sugarcane juice extractor at home then .......VOILA!!!!

Quick Poha

This is really a Quick Quick Poha !!! I Generally make this for Breakfast.... when i have to be really Quick.......I make it this way coz` my DH wants to have it only THis way!!!

1) Big cup Poha washed
2)1 potato chopped but very thin
3) 1 Onion finely chopped
4)Turmeric 1/4 tsp
5) Red Chilli powder 1 tsp
6)Salt (as per taste)
7)Oil 1 Tbsp
8)jeera-1/2 tsp
9) mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
10)Asafoetida - pinch

1) Wash the poha and keep it aside in a strainer(chalni)..... so that extra water drains of
2) take a deep pan.... add oil, Asafoetida,mustard seeds, jeera......
3) After the mustard seeds splutter add..onions...and saute for a minute
4)Then add Potatoes.... since the potatoes are thinly sliced and chopped...they will be done in 5 mins time
5) After the potatoes are done ....add poha and mix rest of all the spices...
6)keep on medium flame for more two minutes.... so that the spices are mixed well!

Well, Like i said i make it this way for my DH, But for me... i like to add curry leaves,Garlic,ginger,corriander leaves, green peas, peanuts, and at time tomato also, Also that i like to add greenchillies...instead of redchilli powder!!!

Finger Millet crispy (Ragi Khakra)....

Must Have for all Dieters!!!!

1) 1 cup Ragi flour
2) 1/2 cup wheat Flour
3)Salt to taste
4)1 tbsp red chilli powder
5)2 tsp oil
6)1 tsp jeera/cumin powder

1)Mix all the above ingredients , add water to make a thick dough!!
2)Keep the dough for 30 minutes, covered!
3)Make balls of the dough.
4)Roll out all the balls into very thin circles
5)Heat the griddle on medium flame and add 1 teaspoon of oil and rub the oil all over the griddle with a cloth, so that khakras dont stick to them
6)Place one rolled out khakra on the griddle...keep the flame low and keep pressing it on the griddle not allowing it to puff.Do it on both sides, You can use a folded cloth for pressing or a wooden press...the one that we use for parathas!!
7)continue this method for all rolled out circles on low heat!
8) Cool when done and store in airtight containers

Tutti (Truity) Frutti Cake and NanKhatai -Store Bought

It Might look Just YUM...........But its YUMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this Melt in the mouth Nankhatai with poppy seeds .....JUST ROCKS!!
My DH bought this on the eve of my B`day!! ;-)

As a Child I remember having loads of Truity Fruity(as i wuld say)....packets after Packets....As they allways looked so colourfull, so tempting!!! It was then, one of the best things i had ever had, i also remember all my efforts trying to pull out truity fruity from the breads and cakes.....after which i allways dumped the bread and cake!!!
Well and i still eat them(turity fruity)..... but now with breads and cakes!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dahi Papdi Chaat!!

Unlike You,The Very thought of chaat does not make me Drool Over the table, But it does Wonders for my DH ……….So Y Not?...........I keep trying my hands at it!!!...

1) 1 pck Papdi`s
2) 4 Mashed boiled potatoes
3)salt to taste
4) 1/4 tsp red chilli powder
5)Sweet curd( take some curd and add sugar powder whisk it)
6)green chutney
7) Amchoor Chutney(or any other khatti chutney)
8)Fine sev 1 pck
9)Finely chopped Green corriander for garnish

1) Arrange some papdis on a plate
2) add some mashed boiled potatoes over each papdi
3) add some salt and red chilli powder over potatoes
4)Add some sweet curd over all the potatoes and papdi`s
5) Add some Green chutney and amchoor chutney(khatti chutney) over the curd
6)Garnish with some Fine sev and finely chopped green corriander!
7) Now Attack!

Just Paneer

Since We had invited our Neighbours For chai-pakoda..., so i had bought some paneer, Now even after making pakodas there was some paneer left, Not knowing what to do...since i did not want to go for second round of Pakoda`s because of the OIL/Calories Factor......I ended up with this recipe........
Look what i DID..............

1) paneer cubed 1 Big cup
2) 3 tomatoes
3)2 onions
4)1 Green chilly
5) 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
6)1 tbsp oil
7)Asafoetida- a pinch
8)Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
9)Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
10) Curry leave-4-5
11) Turmeric-1/2 tsp
12) Salt to taste
13) Red chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
14) Amchoor powder- 1 tsp
15) Corriander- washed and chopped for garnish

1) Grind tomatoes, onion,greenchillies,ginger,garlic...all in a Grinder
2) Take a pan...add oil, asafoetida,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,and curry leaves,
3) After the mustard seeds splutter add the Grinded paste to it, and saute till the paste becomes thick
4) Now add paneer, mix, add very little water, add turmeric,salt,redchilli powder, amchoor powder,cover and cook for 3 minutes..
5) Garnish with corriander

I had never made anything like this before using only paneer, It was easy and quick, We Both loved it, My DH.. not very fond of Paneer also had it!!
And Not to Mention....That i finished the rest!!!


Hey, I made this on occasion of bhaiyya pancham..., which was on saturday 31/07/2010, And Since i also managed to take a snap, i thought i should blogpost it!!
Well this is Gulgule,A Typical Haryanvi Dish and a must have for almost all the Festivals we Celebrate!!...GulGule is Deep fried Wheatflour and Jaggery Dumplings... It is also Known as Meethe Pua!
This Is How My Mom Makes it,I learnt it from her..........
1) Wheat Flour-2cups
2)Jaggery-1 Cup
4) fennel seeds 1/2 tsp
5)Baking Soda- a pinch

Well soak jaggery in water, until all jaggery melts in it, u can also use hot water so that jaggery melts fast, when the jaggery has melted then strain the water and then add wheat flour in it,and fennel seed powder and mix it well, there should be no lumps,The consistency should be pakoda batter consistency, you can add more water if it is thick, or you can add more wheat flour if it is too runny!!!
Keep this batter for 45 mins atleast ....after that again whisk the batter well,
Meanwhile Heat some oil for Deep Frying....and then add a pinch of soda to batter , do not mix....wait, on the pinch of soda u added...pour 1tbsp water , bubbles will start forming, after that then mix it, DO not whisk a lot now!......... and Now deep fry like you would do it for pakoras!!!
Gulgule are eaten Hot!! Regular refined oil is what i use for deep frying, Some people also use mustard oil instead!!

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Missing Bite ;-)

Hey , Last wednesday when i was really hungry and didnt want to have regular lunch.... I had this! I mixed some grated paneer, powdered sugar and lotsa Milk cream(malai) ....applied on two slices of bread and had it YUM, YUM, YUMMMM!!!!!!!!......With a cup of Masala Chai offcourse!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kala Chana Masala

1) Kala chana/Brown chana- 2cups
2)Bay leaf-2
3) salt to taste
4) red chilli powder 1/2tsp
5)mustard seeds-1 tsp
6)cumin seeds-1 tsp
7) cooking oil-3tbsp
9)cuminseed powder-1/2tsp
10)corriander seed powder-1tsp
11)turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
12)green chillies chopped 1tsp
13) amchur powder- 1 tsp
14)Lemon juice 1/2 tbsp

1)Clean,Wash and soak Brown chana Overnight
2)Next Day morning discard the left over water from soaking, and wash the chana thoroughly, Nowadays so many Pesticides are used.... do not skip this step !!
3) Take a pressure Cooker...add oil, then add Asafoetida(Hing-Hira Hing is the best quality wise)
4)Then add mustard seeds,....when they splutter add cumin seeds and bay leaf,
5) Add chopped green chillies,saute
6)now add cumin powder and corriander powder
7) add the chana and remaining spices....except lemon juice....and mix well
8) Add 1 cup water and pressure cook for 4 whistles
9) switch of the Gas and do not open the cooker, let the steam escape
10) When all the steam has escaped, Open the Cooker , if there is water just keep for a while on Flame...till the water evaporates and chana becomes dry
11) Add Lemon Juice over the cooked chana
12) Ready to be Eaten!!......... This Is how i made it, As per taste one can do many many variations!!!! :-)

Also made for Navaratri ............

Read here..........   CELEBRATING   NAVARATRI


This Is one of my Favourite Tea-Time Snack if made at home, Well, Do i Need to Mention that i Learnt it from my MOM, :-)

1) 2 cups Maida
2) 5 Tbsp Oil.. to add while making dough
3)1/2 tsp ajwain
4) salt to taste
5) Oil for deep frying
6)Asafoetida 2 pinches
7) 1/2 tsp turmeric
8) 1/2 tsp red chilli powder

1)Mix all the above ingredients and make a dough by adding water as needed, make a nice thick dough
2)Roll it like you do it for puris, it should be the size of puris, Using a small fork, prick all over the rolled mathri`s, You can also see the Pic of Mathris in making, that i have posted,
3)Roll a plate full of mathri... so that you can fry them all at once,
4)Deep fry the mathris on medium heat.
5) let it cool, and then store in airtight containers, or else they become soggy!
6) You can store this mathris for 2-3 weeks!!
7)You can also have it with pickle of your choice!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Masala Milk

NOTE- Healthyhomemadetreats was my old blog

1)one and half glass Milk
2)1 tbsp Milk cream(malai)
3)2 tsp unsalted pistachio coarse pwd
4)one small pinch saffron soaked in 1 tbsp milk
5)2 tsp cashewnuts coarse pwd
6)Blanched and grinded 5 Almonds
7)1/4 tsp cardamom seed powder
8)Sugar to taste

Mix all the ingredients in Milk and heat the milk in heavy bottomed pan and also stir it continously and reduce the milk to one glass, and top it with milk cream, It can be had hot in winters and cold in summers,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Keri kee Laungee

**NOTE- Healthyhomemadetreats was my Old Blog

3 unripe mangoes(keri),
2tbsp Mustard oil,
little jeera and mustard seeds both optional,
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds,
2 tsp fennel seeds,
1/4 tsp onion seeds(kalongi),
1 teaspoon corriander powder,
1/4 tsp redchilli powder,and two green chillies chopped,,
1/2 tsp turmeric powder,
salt to taste,
Sugar-1/4cup to 1/2 cup(as per taste), when raw mangoes are much sour then 1/2 cup or else 1/4 cup.

Method- Wash the keri, cut lengthways into quarters and remove seeds,
Heat oil in pressure cooker to smoking point, first add fenugreek seeds, when they change colour add all the remaining spices and mix well,
then add kairee and saute for 2 mins, add sugar and 1/4 cup water, cook for one whistle and open immediately, if there is water inside evaporate little and set aside to cool!!

I generally do not follow a recipe by exact measurements, but i have tried giving measurements, but u can alter as per your taste , and it generally tastes Sweet and sour when done!
can store for 3-4 days also!! Its eaten like an Accompaniment!!
For healthier version.... u can replace sugar by Jaggery!!

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Holi Haar

**NOTE- Healthyhomemadetreats was my old blog

This Is HoliHaar, My mom generally makes this on the day of holi..(its a tradition thing she says) for all of us, its fun to eat, sometimes she makes it out of candies, chocolates,dryfruits, etc etc, all edible stuff.......because it is meant to be worn and eaten on the day of Holi!!
This time i made it for my DH... i made a Dry fruit holi haar ...i used kishmish,dried figs, cashewnuts, almonds, Makhane ..........
Its Fun .......Do try for your Kids and Husband...... A nice Surprise it wuld be... i Guess though!!!

Mawa Peda

**NOTE- Healthyhomemadetreats was my old blog

Everytime i make mawa Peda i try and click it!!!
I am posting here my MOM`s recipe for Mawa Peda..........This is how she makes it,.... and i have also started making it the same way.....
In this recipe the Mawa/Khoya is made at home ., Since we do not like the store bought Mawa.... which most of the time is little sour!!!

Khoya/Mawa is a milk product which is used in most of the Indian Sweets. This is made by reducing the milk on slow heat while stirring the milk all the time, until it reduces to a solid form.

When I used Buffalo milk the khoa came out white and creamish and even the pedas .

when used cow milk the khoa was brownish and so were the pedas......

Ingredients -
1)2 litre full cream milk
2)A heavy bottomed pan.
3) 150 gms powdered sugar( this is what i can use as per your taste)
4) 1 tsp cardamom seeds powder
5)Chironji one for each peda

1)Bring milk to boil in a heavy bottomed pan. Reduce flame to medium and stir. Keep stirring very frequently, especially towards the end, when milk has become thick. You must not let it catch at the bottom, or it will burn. Be Very careful..STirring must be done continuosly!!!

2)When the milk is almost solid, quite thick, turn the heat off and allow to cool. It will solidify a little more as it cools.

3)Mawa/ Khoya is ready Now..... The whole process of reducing milk takes 45 mins atleast

4)Two litre full cream milk will make approximately 250 gm. mawa, depending upon the thickness of the milk.

5) Now take the Mawa in a pan and mash it, stir it for 2-5 minutes until soft,

6)Add 2 tbs. sugar powder and continue stirring,till it becomes thick and slightly brown.

7)Adding sugar while the Mawa is still in little brownish colour to mawa

8) switch of the flame and cool the Mawa

9) Now add rest of the sugar powder..and mix it well in the mawa, with your hands

10)Now start rolling small portions of mawa into pedas

11) Decorate each peda with chironji ( or dryfruits of your choice)

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