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Diwali is nearing and its time to decorate the House, But honestly speaking I am still stuck up with cleaning (all the mess and loads of junk), But unlike last Diwali (during which I cleaned Before diwali, During diwali, and after diwali,and very less time for décor) this time I just want to refresh the whole place with a little Creative effort

Yes, its going to be an effort because creativity does not come easy to me.

Not knowing how to begin with ……

I have decided to start with the Bedside Table …. because this is what I see first thing every morning and last thing every night, so it should not only be refreshing and pleasant to see., but it should also complement and add some zinggggg!

After running across the house,managed to gather some stuff….….

This is what I have come up with.

Have a look-

An attractive pattern of round doily in crochet with orange highlights (lying unused ever since it was bought from my last trip to Mahableshwar) , 

Carved wooden bowl ….I love this one so much that I feared pulling it out as it might get old, but then suddenly something flashed and I had a remedy for this….
 Yes it would never get old…. I topped it up with an anti-ageing flower ! Yes anti-ageing because by now I must have washed this flower 20 times (yes its a washable one) and mishandled more then 100 times J, But No worries its Smiling as ever, and Beautifull as ever.

Romance of flowers with the mirror-

Having being done with my bedside table….now my next target is do something good with my Sleek , Tall dressing table mirror,

Everyday `n” number of times I look into my mirror, it not only inspires me but allows me to re-invent myself daily.

So I just thought of jazzing up my mirror, …. But since I run low on creativity… I don’t expect too much from myself,….But I know that I can do some cute little things and add my style and warmth to complement the décor.

I love flowers and since I believe flowers are the most beautifull things in the whole wide world, so it’s a must use !!! So I used this Floral Garland ( which actually I had bought a year and half ago to use it as a Bandanwaar- Toran, (Indian door hangings) ..but never used).

The flowers are in cheerfull vibrant Orange, with evergreen leaves ,
As I do not like to use power tools.,I used a two sided tape to fix it in place, .

I gifted my Beautifull mirror a Floral Crown. Now everytime I look at it , I feel its pretty cute, it adds a smile on my face and gives me a reason to celebrate myself J

This beautifull small ceramic vase with tiny colourfull  delicate branches placed over a crochet pattern in cream now adorns my dressing table………

My Dressing Table is now my lovable, adorable Dressing table….
And the reflection of the vase in mirror ( just learnt that...mirrors aren’t just for fixing your hairs first thing in the morning)….gives the impression…..of ever lasting beauty……..

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