Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whole wheat pancakes with rabdi (Malpua with rabdi)....

I made this on the occasion of Teej....this is without any ghee/oil ....!!!The Malpua in this recipe is actually made from Wheatflour... not maida(refined flour)...and instead of sugar i have used jaggery for malpua...
Actually the batter for this malpua is the same that is used for Gulgule recipe i have posted... But still i will write it down again for you :-)


For Malpua(wheatflour pancakes)-
1)Wheat Flour-1 cup
2)Jaggery-1/2 Cup
4) fennel seeds 1/2 tsp

For Rabri-
1) 1 litre milk
2) 1 tsp cardamom powder
3) sugar powder 4 tbsp or as per taste

For Malpua-
1)Well soak jaggery in water, until all jaggery melts in it, u can also use hot water so that jaggery melts fast, when the jaggery has melted then strain the water and then add wheat flour in it,and fennel seed powder and mix it well, there should be no lumps,The consistency should be little thicker then dosa(pancake) batter consistency, !!
Keep this batter for 45 mins atleast ....after that again whisk the batter well,

2) Heat a non-stick pan and make small pancakes out of this batter...make thin pancakes,golden brown, and cook on both sides....

3)I did not use any ghee/oil etc for making pancakes... as it was not required...came out well on nonstick pan! malpuas are ready

For Rabri-
1) Boil the milk in heavy bottom pan.....to this add cardamom powder and then reduce the milk on medium flame to one quarter.,it will take time ...atleast 30 mins

2)Now to the reduced milk add sugar powder and mix well

3)Leave it to cool and it will set.... when it set it becomes thicker...

4) Rabri is ready

Now to serve Malpua with Rabri, all you need to do is take a plate and on it arrange one hot malpua(pancake), on top of it spread the rabri, (rabri can be either chilled or hot ..whatever way you like it), and on top of rabri garnish with sliced pistachio and almonds...and few strands of saffron...!!! All set to eat!!

With the leftover batter of malpua you can make gulgule and viceversa.....

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  1. How can I not bookmark this. I am looking for the recipe. I do make malpua and rabdi separately, but never together, and I heard a lot of about it. So, I am eagerly waiting for the recipe :)

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    yummy yumm...Nice recipe..do stop by my blog when you find time...



  3. ur recipes r all mouth watering!!

  4. In a latest issue of a Bengali magazine I saw this photo. If you have not given any permission please contact them. The magazine is either sananda or anadalok.

  5. Thankyou sudeshna, I was not aware, well i have`nt given any permission!! I will though try to check, Thanks again!


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