Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aloo methi Paratha......

1) 4-5 boiled and mashed medium sized aloo(Potatoes)
2)salt as per taste
3)red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp
4)amchoor powder 1/2 tbsp
5)turmeric 1 tsp
6)Half bunch of Methi(fenugreek leaves) washed and chopped finely
7)1 and half cups of wheat flour
8)jeera(cumin) powder
9)2 green chillies finely chopped
10) Oil as required

1) Mix all the spices in wheat flour...and also add chopped methi leaves...and knead little tight dough with little water
2)Now take the mashed Potatoes and mix it with spices of your choice(like salt red chilli powder,amchoor powder) can leave it plain also....since already spices are added to dough....But i would suggest to add little spices for potatoes also.... if you like more chatpata paratha
3)Make small Balls out of kneaded dough.... and roll them over in small thick circles
4) Apply oil over the surface and then stuff mashed potatoes..seal the edges together
5) now roll it slowly ....just like the size of rotis
6)Place the paratha on preheated griddle
7) Brush with oil and flip over....on the other side also brush with oil..and cook till golden brown patches appear on both the sides...
8)Cook till it is well done.
9) Hot paratha is can have it with curd and Pickle

** Sometimes the edges seem to crack.... It happens with me you see in the above pic...But No worries... as long as it tastes good.....ALL IS WELL !

Sending this recipe to Cooking Concepts- Whats for Friday Dinner???  by  Sravani


  1. I love aloo and methi, paratha with both looks delicious.

  2. looks yum n delicious...simply mouthwatering..

  3. Hey Swathi and Sanyukta,.... thanks for your comments, I am a Newbie here.... N i am just loving it :-)

  4. Hi Poonam, loved your new blog thats my fav..I always have aloo at home and try different variations of paratha's with it..your aloo methi paratha looks just perfect...Thanks for visiting my swing in whenever time permits...happy to follow you..


  5. Lovely parathas.I've never mixed aloo and methi together for a paratha ..will def try this ..happy to follow your chk out mine at

  6. Hi Poonam,

    Welcome to the blog world, i happened to chance upon ur blog got a lovely space with nice collection of recipes.Aloo methi paratha looks yummy, i love your gulgule too .. i must try it.

    If u get time do visit my blog


  7. Wonderful blog dear !!! Loving it and still going through :)

  8. I love the name of ur blog.. I love kismis.. U hv anice collection of recipes.. Added u on my blog list.. see u often.. cheers

  9. Perfect and wonderful. Congrats on being featured in EC's blog

  10. Hey @all of you........ Thankyou for your comments... luv you all


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