Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sugarcane Juice

I had this Sugarcane Juice at My Mom`s Place during summer....
This is Freshly Pressed Sugarcane Juice, bought from sugarcane juice wala...
All that needs to be done is.....carry a clean STEEL CAN (or TIN CAN....or any other container) the Sugarcane Juice wala, ASk him to extract fresh sugarcane juice.... and collect the juice directly in your container........(since most of the times their containers are not clean and hygenic)... Also do not use their ice, lemon etc.....Bring the juice home , transfer to glass container, and have it immediately with Lemon, blacksalt, ice, etc
Do not store the juice, as it ferments!!

AND ya ..... if you have sugarcane juice extractor at home then .......VOILA!!!!


  1. I love this drink very much. Reminds me of India. Love your blog.

    Radha Rayasam

  2. Hi Poonam, this looks like a great idea.. to bring it home and serve it with black salt!! sugarcane juice is said to be good for jaundice as well.. Have you ever made rice kheer in this juice? it is a delicacy in Bihar!!
    thanks for visiting my blog, my event is running till 10 Oct, will be awesome if you can participate!!


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