Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey, I made this on occasion of bhaiyya pancham..., which was on saturday 31/07/2010, And Since i also managed to take a snap, i thought i should blogpost it!!
Well this is Gulgule,A Typical Haryanvi Dish and a must have for almost all the Festivals we Celebrate!!...GulGule is Deep fried Wheatflour and Jaggery Dumplings... It is also Known as Meethe Pua!
This Is How My Mom Makes it,I learnt it from her..........
1) Wheat Flour-2cups
2)Jaggery-1 Cup
4) fennel seeds 1/2 tsp
5)Baking Soda- a pinch

Well soak jaggery in water, until all jaggery melts in it, u can also use hot water so that jaggery melts fast, when the jaggery has melted then strain the water and then add wheat flour in it,and fennel seed powder and mix it well, there should be no lumps,The consistency should be pakoda batter consistency, you can add more water if it is thick, or you can add more wheat flour if it is too runny!!!
Keep this batter for 45 mins atleast ....after that again whisk the batter well,
Meanwhile Heat some oil for Deep Frying....and then add a pinch of soda to batter , do not mix....wait, on the pinch of soda u added...pour 1tbsp water , bubbles will start forming, after that then mix it, DO not whisk a lot now!......... and Now deep fry like you would do it for pakoras!!!
Gulgule are eaten Hot!! Regular refined oil is what i use for deep frying, Some people also use mustard oil instead!!

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  1. Very few people know what they are. I used to have them as a child and its a regular dish at my mom's place. I believe that this dish is common in UP and MP (don't know for sure). Thanks a ton for sharing the recipe and bringing back childhood memories.



  2. A recipe that goes well with a cup of tea.Thx for sharing.


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