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Mawa Peda

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Everytime i make mawa Peda i try and click it!!!
I am posting here my MOM`s recipe for Mawa Peda..........This is how she makes it,.... and i have also started making it the same way.....
In this recipe the Mawa/Khoya is made at home ., Since we do not like the store bought Mawa.... which most of the time is little sour!!!

Khoya/Mawa is a milk product which is used in most of the Indian Sweets. This is made by reducing the milk on slow heat while stirring the milk all the time, until it reduces to a solid form.

When I used Buffalo milk the khoa came out white and creamish and even the pedas .

when used cow milk the khoa was brownish and so were the pedas......

Ingredients -
1)2 litre full cream milk
2)A heavy bottomed pan.
3) 150 gms powdered sugar( this is what i can use as per your taste)
4) 1 tsp cardamom seeds powder
5)Chironji one for each peda

1)Bring milk to boil in a heavy bottomed pan. Reduce flame to medium and stir. Keep stirring very frequently, especially towards the end, when milk has become thick. You must not let it catch at the bottom, or it will burn. Be Very careful..STirring must be done continuosly!!!

2)When the milk is almost solid, quite thick, turn the heat off and allow to cool. It will solidify a little more as it cools.

3)Mawa/ Khoya is ready Now..... The whole process of reducing milk takes 45 mins atleast

4)Two litre full cream milk will make approximately 250 gm. mawa, depending upon the thickness of the milk.

5) Now take the Mawa in a pan and mash it, stir it for 2-5 minutes until soft,

6)Add 2 tbs. sugar powder and continue stirring,till it becomes thick and slightly brown.

7)Adding sugar while the Mawa is still in little brownish colour to mawa

8) switch of the flame and cool the Mawa

9) Now add rest of the sugar powder..and mix it well in the mawa, with your hands

10)Now start rolling small portions of mawa into pedas

11) Decorate each peda with chironji ( or dryfruits of your choice)

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