Saturday, October 8, 2011

Semolina Pudding (Sooji Kheer)

Not only Quick but also very very Easy...........


Full Cream Milk- ½ litre
Semolina (sooji ) – 2 Tablespoon
2 Green Cardamoms Powdered (Elaichi)
Sugar- 4-5 Table Spoon
Almond Flakes- To Garnish
Ghee-2 Teaspoon


1)    Dry roast Sooji (semolina) in a pan for few minutes until it starts changing the colour

2)   Now Add ghee in sooji and mix it for 2 more minutes

3)   After this add warm milk in the sooji mixture and mix well, Care should be taken so that no lumps are formed

4)   Add Sugar and cardamom powder, mix well, cook for 3-4 minutes until slightly thick, (if you like it to be of thinner consistency , then you can add more milk )

5)   Garnish with Almond Flakes, ……..and its Ready to serve..

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