Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boring Khana Nahi Chalega...............

Jabh Tak Suraj Chand Rahega........... Boring Khana Nahi chalega...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a child… I never wanted to eat  Vegetables  , Roti-sabzi was the most Boring Food on this Planet for me…!!!  It was Not only Boring ..but I remember it always bit me on my tongue ….Yes it did… But I could never convince my Mom about this….SO I had only few reasons left………Like….I feel sick, I have a stomach ache, I feel like puking….and blah blah blah… …!!!!!

And Yes sometimes these reasons did work (because my Mom let them Work J)….and most of the times they didn’t !!

Until One fine day…when my Mom introduced this Super Yummy,Healthy, Flavourfull, Gud  Malai to me.,
And she said I can have it with Rotis daily………………… J, Provided half roti I eat with sabzi….then the other half I get to eat with Gud Malai J ( As a child my pronunciation for Gur was always Gud…. And its still the same)
And Believe me since that day Those Vegetables/sabzis.. Never ever bit me on my tongue again…


Gud  Malai - (Jaggery with Milk cream)

Take some Jaggery ( Gur/Gud/ Coarse Brown Indian Sugar), It should be at Room Temperature,not the frozen one… because it should actually be soft and should melt in the milk cream, It can be grated or could be in powdered form , or if you like …you can keep it as small chunks… or the granular form.
Add some milk cream and just mix it ..… Here you will see the Gur (jaggery) starts melting in the milk cream, and before it completely melts ….Have it with Hot Hot Gheewala Phulkas.

Phulka Recipe-

Aata (whole wheat flour)- 1 cup
Milk- ¼ cup
Water- ¼ cup approx
Ghee- 1tsp

1)      Mix the milk and water and add it to wheat flour gradually..while mixing and kneading till you get the soft dough ball …( not very soft, not very hard… just soft enough so that it can be rolled)

2)      Add ghee and keep kneading …so that the soft dough ball does not stick to your hands.

3)      Let it rest for 15 mins… and then it is ready to be rolled

4)      Now make lemon sized balls out of this dough and dust it with wheat flour or atta and keep aside

5)      Take one by one and with a rolling pin roll it into thin discs (circles/rotis), while rolling dust the discs (rotis)with aata(wheat flour) so that it dosent stick to the rolling pin.

6)      Now pre-heat a tawa(griddle) and lay one roti (disc) over the griddle and roast it only for  half a minute on one side….(note this is the first side which will go directly on flame to form Phulka)

7)      Flip the roti(disc) and roast it on other side also, when small brown patches and bubbles are formed..then this side is done…(This side is done on the griddle itself….  never on the flame)

8)      Now with a pair of tongs, pick up the roti and transfer it to the open flame with first side facing the flame, keep moving it around on the flame for 5 -10 sec only..the roti puffs up and immediately transfer it to the serving dish and brush it with a tsp of ghee while its still hot.

Ready to be eaten with Gud Malai (Jaggery with Milk Cream)

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