Thursday, December 15, 2011

The recipe with the best pic goes to Poonam from Kishmeesh for Keri Kee Laungee (Raw Mango Curry)

Thankyou Richa (from Ambrosia ).... I am Super Excited...... 

Its Just been Few Days .... I won Best Food Shot  for Khatta -Meetha Karela.  .... and now one more coming my way .... I am Celebrating :-)

You May Read the Recipe Here........

I must Confess-
I have been told N number of times that i must first learn how to hold a Camera (which i have been Ignoring)...As soon as i pull out the Camera..i Go Zoooooom....Click click~
No Wonder Folks Back Home are up on their i pull out the camera.... They feel its in the most Unsafe Hands

I guess...Its time that i get little serious and read the Manual and know all the functions.....


  1. Congratulations again!! your pics are awesome.. You shd give me some tips..
    You are yet to send me the details I have asked for. Pl send me asap!! so that you can get the prize too. and pl check the new event i am hosting..

  2. Hi, pl send me ur details today else the prize expires..


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